Hello! Welcome to the online home of Sygnets * - May Restoration.

The Sygnets are a group of young people, junior members of the Swanage Railway, who are together restoring 1957-built Fowler 0-4-0DM shunter "May" initially cosmetically, but with the possibility of completing to working order in due course. 

Headline news is that "May" has now been moved temporarily to Swanage MPD where there's the opportunity to work on the underside, undertake some welding repairs and progress work on the engine.

Sister engines of May (works number 4210132) include:

  • 4210127 at the Dean Forest Railway
  • 4210130 at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway (Mavis)
  • 4210131 at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway
  • 4210137 at the Swindon and Cricklade Railway
  • 4210141 at the South Devon Railway
  • 4210145 also at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway
  • 4210108 at the Poulton & Wyre Railway
The project to restore "May" is of course just one of many currently being undertaken at the Swanage Railway. For more information about these, please visit the Swanage Railway Trust site. You can find more about May's progress on Facebook and about the Sygnet's other big restoration task, the "B" van, also on Facebook.

* "Sygnets" is not a mis-spelling of "Cygnets", by the way... it refers to "Swanage Youth Group" !