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Update - 6th June 2011

posted 6 Jun 2011, 09:29 by Derek Pattenson   [ updated 6 Jun 2011, 09:40 ]
Some positive progress made on 8th May (diesel gala) and again right at the end of May. Much more work cleaning steelwork inside the cab; sides and rear of the cab itself, plus more electrical junction box covers, air brake gear, battery box and more. Have also managed to free the two end brackets on the air brake operating lever, which were totally seized up. However the central bracket is still seized, so the handle still doesn't move! Can't use the same technique as the end brackets - which involved unbolting the brackets from the cab front, then using a sledgehammer to get the brackets moving on the (still fixed) axis.  The central bracket can't be easily removed as the bolts are turning in the cab front, and can't be accessed from the rear without removing the fuel tank, which can't be removed without dismantling the entire bonnet and framing! Next visit will see a further application of penetrating oil and heat in the hope we can free the rod from the brackets that way....

The vac brake fittings are also being cleaned up, and swivelled into their correct operating position. Here the problem is the reverse of the air brake; apart from two very flimsy brackets the whole vac brake gear is held in place simply by the screw fittings joining each length of pipe; now freed up for cleaning they're rather loose and moving the brake handle tends to swivel the entire brake pipe around....

Offsite, the r/h cab door is now completely finished structurally, and in plain grey primer all over. Hopefully it will be returned to Swanage later this month and swapped for the l/h door.