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Progress update - 23rd February

posted 23 Feb 2013, 13:17 by Derek Pattenson
A couple of weeks late writing about last Sygnets' meeting, but we've also had a mini-working party of Sygnets leaders today too.
So work has continued on cleaning up many of the dismantled engine parts; stripping paint from pipework, cleaning gunge and grime from various other parts, and removing cab fittings for repair / restoration / replacement. Some of the gauges are cleaning up nicely off-site and are in working order, so will be restored and refitted in due course; however there are many parts that are missing and will require complete renewal. 

We've identified that whilst the parking brake linkages are OK, the under-loco connections to the brake hangers themselves are seized up. After 3 working days on them, we do now have reasonable movement in the main operating arm, but down below the loco the main pull rod is completely seized up. However with patience and time we think the lubricant will start to do its work and release some of the seizure, so hopefully next report will confirm that the brake linkages are again working.

Another job completed today was removal of the headlamp from the bonnet nose, and its dis-assembly and cleaning. A small part overall, but one of many things that needed doing and another small step on the way. 

A big thank-you to our colleagues at the Poulton + Wyre, who have sent us a complete workshop maintenance manual for the Maclaren type "M" engine that powers the loco. This clarifies in detail how everything goes together, as well as providing definitive instructions on engine startup, maintenance and use.

Watch this space for updates on developments in the next few weeks...