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Progress update - 8th December

posted 29 Dec 2012, 04:38 by Derek Pattenson
Just one objective for today's work session, which was achieved by lunchtime! This was removal of the right-hand cab steps, in preparation for their welding early next year, and with the prospect of the loco possibly being berthed along the platform at the Sygnets' siding in Corfe. Removal of the steps involved removing just six nuts, but as these may never have been undone since the loco was built in 1957 this was no trivial task. Fortunately, five of the six were persuaded off with nothing more than penetrating oil and and a heavy spanner. The final one - there's always one - was more stubborn and had to be ground/drilled out. With the steps safely off there was time to clean up the supporting stays, sandbox and other components previously hidden, and also parts of the connecting and coupling rod that had been obscured by the steps.  Absence of the steps is no problem currently as the right-hand door is locked out of use anyway pending replacement of the channel in which it runs.