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Progress Update - 9th March 2013

posted 10 Mar 2013, 11:23 by Derek Pattenson
A good turn out for Sygnets' day today, with the work party split in two and swapping over at lunchtime. Now that trains are running again there's opportunity to do this and have Sygnets work both on the loco in the shed, and also at their "base" the B-van at Corfe Castle.

Tasks completed on the loco today included Ferricon'ing and priming the main water tank (which has been out of the loco for a few weeks); stripping old paint off both bonnet handrails (and wire-brushing and ferriconing one of them), and cleaning up parts of both the exhaust system (exhaust manifold and pipework from that to the exhaust water jacket), the drive train (the part that connects to the two flexible disks between engine and gearbox) and also a section of the vacuum pipe by the front buffer beam.

We can also report that as hoped in the last report, the main brake lever is now moving very freely, and there's a little more movement in the seized pull-rod linkage underneath. The whole brake gear is now fully reconnected though we still need to get more movement into that seized linkage. 

On any vintage vehicle restoration sourcing components is inevitably a significant part of the total time spent. We're pleased to report we've located a supplier of the "pyramid" style step treads for the cab steps; not an identical pattern (three rows of pyramids rather than the original four), but the treads will have very much the same appearance and style as the originals, most of which are missing or corroded beyond repair.