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Progress Update, 28th December

posted 29 Dec 2012, 05:03 by Derek Pattenson   [ updated 30 Dec 2012, 09:57 ]
A big day today, returning May to Swanage for the first time in many years. On a relatively mild but windy day, the rain held off for the move itself, which followed various other shunting manouevers at Norden. With the class 08 leading the way and the Queen Mary brake van bringing up the rear (no vacuum brakes or even through piping on May at present) the move was first to Corfe Castle to collect some bits'n'bobs from stores there, then on - non-stop - to Swanage. This was May's first-ever run through the down platform at Corfe (and possibly at Harmans Cross, too). Keeping to around 15mph all the way, May arrived with axleboxes and rods no more than hand-warm, showing that she's still in essentially sound condition mechanically. As that's possibly the longest single non-stop run she's ever undertaken at any time, and most of it at or above her design speed of 12mph, that's encouraging and means that we won't need to do major work on axleboxes or journals at this stage.
After a little shunting at Swanage she was eased onto the turntable and, together with the 08, swung the few degrees to line up with the shed road, and propelled into position over the pit inside the shed. See YouTube for a video of the move....

Hopefully she can stay here for some weeks at least, and having her under cover will really help with some of the remaining cosmetic cleaning-up prior to the actual roof repairs. Once those are done progress should be swift, and we can look forward to the next big decision - what livery she should carry!

Being pulled onto the "pad" Waiting whilst the 08 runs round
Waiting at Corfe Castle - 1st visit to down platform The new "view from the cab"
Rail-head view New temporary home