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Update - 1st May 2011

posted 2 May 2011, 01:24 by Derek Pattenson   [ updated 6 Jun 2011, 09:40 ]
Well, a little while since the last posting but that's not to say that nothing's been happening...

The good news is that the specialist contractors have safely removed the padding from the buffers, so we are now clear to work on-site on the loco again. The buffers will need the remnants of the studs and screws that held the padding in place grinding off (or there'll be gouges out of any adjacent vehicle's buffers when she's moved) but that should be straightforward. 

Some further work on stripping external paintwork has continued, but we're still experimenting with methods to find the quickest way to complete this. Once it's all done, putting on primer and undercoat should see a very rapid transformation in external appearance. 

Inside the cab about 3/4 of the cab roof is now cleaned and ferricon'd, up to the area that will be cut away and replaced. That's horrible messy, hard work but only one more large section to do. More of the cab fittings are being treated the same way; amazing how many bits and bobs there are in even a small loco!

One of the cab doors is now effectively fully repaired and reassembled. Even the little things take time; it took a whole morning just to get the cab door lock open to clean and get it working again; but of course the key had gone missing a long time ago, so a blank was purchased and then needle-filed, using the levers as a guide, until once again the lock is operational. The door can't be refitted until there's a new door channel at the bottom, and that can't be fitted until the floor has been lifted and relaid. The front and rear window frames are all completed, but there's no point ordering the glazing for them yet because we need to do the side windows at the same time, and we can't fit those until the roof's been cut and welded, which can't happen until we get into the shed.. so as ever there's a long list of dependencies. BUT... at some point later this year, there will be a rapid transformation. Something akin to a beautiful butterfly emerging from a chrysallis... or something like that!

Looking forward to Diesel Gala next weekend; and the chance to photograph "May" alongside a Deltic, or a Western, or ... (oh, and the Sygnets' other "Modern image" project will hopefully be on display at Norden as well, the newly-restored "B" van in BR blue livery)