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Update - 10th February 2011

posted 10 Feb 2011, 13:26 by Derek Pattenson
Work on one of the two cab doors progressing; the door has been completely dis-assembled, the rotten timbers identified and removed, and the metal panelling removed. The winding mechanism is in good condition and has been cleaned up and greased, and the various handles (inner, outer, window-winder) all cleaned up. 
Next step is to let in replacement timbers for the rotted portions and treat (primer, undercoat and bitumen paint), reassemble the winder mechanism and the rest of the door, then recover the metal sheeting; then prime and undercoat that.   The glass is complete and in good condition, so this one pane (out of 10 in the cab) can be reused. 
The one problem we have is that the other door, which is possibly in slightly better condition in terms of the wood, has the winder mechanism missing completely. The bar in which the glass rests is on the loco, but the winder and it's handle have been removed at some point (and the door re-assembled without it).   Anyone know where it is??

See here for details of the mechanism...