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Update - 10th March

posted 18 Mar 2012, 12:41 by Derek Pattenson
With members' weekend coming up, we concentrated this weekend on some basic cosmetic tidy-ups rather than major works. This included a simple soap'n'water rub down of some of the unrestored paintwork, and brushing off accumulated rust, leaves and dust. This was the first time the tarpaulin had been taken off the bonnet in very many months, so was an opportunity to review the bonnet state and check a few things underneath.  The bonnet is more wasted than expected and realistically it looks like the best option will be to completely replace the bonnet roof. A bonus from this will be that the sheeting will be removeable (i.e. unboltable) which will make access to parts of the diesel engine, and to the fuel and water tanks, much easier in the future. 

We also used a syringe to empty out many years worth of gunk, oil, rust and water from the main axlebox oil reservoirs. A pretty unpleasant job but the worst is out now, and the boxes topped up with fresh oil. 

Offsite some more work has been done on the remaining (left-hand) cab door, which should hopefully be ready to replace on the loco within the next few weeks. Also lots of behind-the-scenes research and planning is going on, so things are happening even if there's not very much visible progress. Members' weekend on 24th/25th March won't see much work done on the loco, but one of us should be around either on the loco or the Norden platform to answer any questions; do come and have a look and talk to us about May's past, present and future.