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Update - 10th September

posted 14 Sep 2011, 01:22 by Derek Pattenson
With the Steam Gala on over this weekend it wasn't going to be possible to do much work on May's exterior, with a procession of steam locos parking alongside to take on water throughout the day. However some more cleaning and scraping progress in the cab, together with the application of primer to already treated areas made a big change to the feel of the cab's interior. Cab interior, primed The following day, with only a single train in service, the exterior was more accessible and the front left quarter of the frames, rear of buffer beam, steps, sandbox, and parts of the vacuum pipe are all now primed, together with some other parts toward the rear. Another two full days' work should, hopefully, see the rest of the left frames cleaned and into primer. Front-left of frames, primed

Front-left of frames, primed