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Update - 12th October 2013

posted 13 Oct 2013, 10:52 by Derek TP
Many thanks to all those Sygnets working on "May" this weekend (lots in the Undercoating the exhaustmorning, lots more in the afternoon). Our first working day in the goods shed, we now enjoy a truly weather-proofed (rain-proofed, anyway) environment plus the luxury of platforms both sides.

The morning saw all the dismantled components previously stored in the cab being offloaded onto shelving right next to the loco; this not only completely freed up the cab (allowing us to resume work on the cab interior and remaining fittings) but also allowing us to organise the components and find things much more easily.

Other jobs completed ranged from undercoating the whole exhaust + chimney, rubbing down and Ferricon'ing the handrails, clearing rust and gunk off the front of the footplate, right through to scraping off years of grime from the one remaining original cab window, plus a coat of primer on the inside of some of the bonnet framing. 

Finally, the seven bonnet side covers were retrieved from storage further up the line, and the two "new-build" covers made some years ago were put into undercoat, the others having been done a long time ago.