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Update - 13th November

posted 15 Nov 2011, 15:39 by Derek Pattenson   [ updated 21 Nov 2011, 08:45 ]
Plenty of visible progress made over a long weekend of working, with valuable assistance from the Sygnets on Saturday. 

All four front/rear cab windows are now installed (albeit temporarily, pending further paint stripping on the cab exterior). Having put these in single-handedly, it's now very obvious that the "correct" sequence is to install the front/rear windows BEFORE the side windows, so that one can reach round through the empty side window space and hold the bolt on the outside whilst putting the nut on the inside of the frames. With the side glass in place, there was an enormous amount of clambering in / out and up / down and balancing wrenches on the bolt whilst trying to put on the nut without dislodging the wrench...  Anyway, the cab is now mainly glazed! (Just the one door remaining, the r/h one in position albeit not actually sliding in its channel yet).

On the Saturday, Sygnets Alex and Anthony undertook the work of removing one of the brake hangers, cleaning and replacing. Before pushing the hanger all the way back on its pivots, Lewis and Gavin needle-gunned and ferriconed the frames behind. The following day the centre section of the frames, between the two axles, was primed and the brake hanger fully replaced. Meanwhile the lads also completed scraping paint off the rear right section of the cab interior, and got that protected with ferricon too. 

Again with Sygnets' assistance the tachometer was finally separated from its drive cable and is now stored offsite prior to refurbishment by the manufacturer. 

Finally we must thank Fraser White for not only his patience, advice and loan of tools but also muscle power in helping to shift the brake linkages sufficiently to slide the hanger back on.