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Update - 14th April 2012

posted 19 Apr 2012, 13:22 by Derek Pattenson
Another improvement to appearance this week, with the remaining left-hand cab side panel stripped back to bare metal, ferricon'ed and primed. Also various further items in the cab similarly treated, the cab interior seeming cleaner and lighter with each area repainted. Of course stripping the paint takes far more time than putting it back on; once we're into primer over all but the bonnet we'll be able to get her into undercoat very quickly.  With help from Sygnets on the Saturday, we also cleared a lot of the rust and paint from the underside of the left hand running plate; not visible, but an important job nonetheless and it means that next working session we can get this into primer too. 

Looking forward now to the railway's Diesel Gala weekend on 11th-13th May. Once again our little Fowler will be "rubbing shoulders" with Type 5 diesels (Deltic class 55 and class 50) as well as numerous other diesel locos; do say hello as there'll be someone on May for much of the weekend.