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Update - 15th October

posted 17 Oct 2011, 03:07 by Derek Pattenson
Not much to show visibly this month, but that's not to say nothing's happened.  Firstly, work continues on the left-hand cab door offsite. This is in much better condition than the right-hand one, and progress is good. The window winder mechanism is missing, having been removed at some point a long time ago. We were planning to replace it with a leather-strap arrangement, using a LSWR original coach door strap hook found in the cab and presumed to have been used on the door. But so far I can't see how this was actually attached to the door, so I'm not convinced it was the arrangement in use. Will continue to search for a replacement mechanism as that would be a much better solution. 

In the meantime, replacement glazing for the cab windows is now on order, a very good price having been secured. This should see the cab side windows at least glazed for the winter, and with the right-hand door in undercoat this should help keep the worst of the winter weather out of the cab. It would be good to do the end windows too, but whilst re-measuring prior to ordering glazing it's become apparent that fitting the glazing will require full removal of the frame corner brackets. I've already managed to remove the top bar of each frame, but it hadn't occurred to me that the brackets would need removal too. The problem is that to get to the brackets, the rubber seals on the frame sides need to slide out; sounds easy, but these rubbers are over 50 years old and not in the best of condition! Then, the brass screws need removing; these are cross-headed but difficult to get at, buried within the extrusion of the frames, and embedded in the corroded aluminium of the frame. Removing some previously involved drilling them out, and whilst I've been able to replace those if there are more that need drilling I'll need a source of replacement screws. All in all there's quite a lot of work involved in glazing these aluminium frames and it may be November or December before they're done and the frames are (temporarily) back in the cab. 

This weekend a couple of hours on the loco itself saw the l/h brakegear worked on. The plan had been to whip out the split pins, remove the hangers and clean them up, and pop them back on. However as it took an hour to get one of the pins out (two came easily, one has so far resisted attempts at removal) that plan has been put aside... It's also apparent that the rear l/h hanger cannot be removed whilst the sand pipe is in place, and whilst removing that might be possible, replacing it would be more complex!  However, the hangers have been cleaned up in situ and decades of brake dust, grease and gunk removed. A further working session next week may see them rubbed down and primed, along with - hopefully - the next section of the main frames on that side.