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Update - 17th June 2012

posted 20 Jun 2012, 09:11 by Derek Pattenson
It's been around a month since any work was done on the loco itself, but it feels much longer - was the diesel gala just four weeks ago? Partly consistent poor - and unpredictable - weather has prevented any work being done. However over this weekend good progress was made on firstly completing the stripping and cleaning of the underside of the l/h footplate (now in ferricon, though yet to be primed) and a large section of the cab rear. After a day's work on this it felt like I must have cleaned an area the size of a football pitch, so standing back to discover the area was roughly equivalent to just one cabside panel was a bit discouraging. However it was ferricon'ed that day, with the rain holding off just long enough. Next day the area was put into undercoat; unfortunately in the 4 weeks since it was last used, most of the paint had hardened and there was barely enough to cover the area. (This is why the l/h footplate underside is still in Ferricon only). However hopefully the coverage on the cab rear is enough to protect the Ferricon from the weather until an extra coat of primer can be applied in a week or two.