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Update - 21st November

posted 21 Nov 2010, 12:45 by Derek Pattenson   [ updated 21 Nov 2010, 12:46 ]
A little more work on "May" yesterday, though a little frustrating. A couple more of the replacement wooden window frames are in place; however whilst fitting it became apparent that severe rusting of the cabside behind one of the existing "good" frames had pushed it so far out of alignment that the new window glass wouldn't fit. As it was impossible to remove the frame piece without destroying it, there's now one more frame piece needed; it would have been fitted yesterday, but yesterday was the one day I was at May without a cordless drill....  Rubber mouldings for the inserts to the aluminium front and rear windows, and for the side windows, have been ordered and been delivered.

On a more positive note, the work done on the brake system last week paid dividends as there's now clear movement of the brake blocks in response to the handbrake handle, so brakes-wise May should now be good to be moved.