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Update - 22nd August 2013

posted 5 Sep 2013, 03:11 by Derek TP
A bit of a delayed update this time, sorry!
It's been a lovely hot summer and being in the loco shed has meant some shade to work in and a cool breeze with the rear shed doors open. With a Sygnets' working party on the 8th, and a further small working party on the 22nd August plus some "individual" time, a number of jobs have progressed:
  • The remainder of the curved nose panelling has been stripped (outside surface only) and treated with Ferricon. Next tasks will be to fill some of the corroded areas, and cut out the parts that have rusted away (mainly the bottom edge). Then we'll be welding in a replacement section, cut from the old bonnet roof panels.
  • The rear light "cluster" has been removed, dismantled and is in the process of being cleaned up
  • The "U" shaped channels forming the runners for the cab doors have been de-rusted and Ferricon'd
  • The first of three large holes in the new bonnet roof sheeting have been cut. This was with some trepidation but we managed to not only cut it in the right place, but to the right size, round, and with reasonably smooth edges too!  A minor triumph! (Just the other two to do now...)
  • The right-hand side wheels have been de-painted, de-greased and completely de-gunged, and are now resplendent in green primer (see below)
  • Various other engine parts have been thoroughly cleaned and prepped
  • Five out of the six cylinder heads have been refitted, with brand new gaskets
  • Work has started on dismantling the air brake actuation cylinder
  • Further layers of undercoat applied to various components including the main water tank, the rear rerailing bar, and both sides of the running plate valance.
Freshly-primed wheels
We expect to move into the goods shed very shortly; this will prevent access below the footplate, but give much easier accessibility to the upper cab sides and roof, and make working on the engine bay and bonnet much easier.

Thanks to all - as ever - who have given up time over the summer to help move the project forwards.