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Update - 24th January, 2011

posted 24 Jan 2011, 12:19 by Derek Pattenson
So, a couple of months since posting here. The location of May makes working on her in wet or windy conditions pretty much impossible...
Further general paint+rust scraping, both inside and out. Amazing how many different surfaces there are even on a small loco - and how many of them are tricky to get at!  The ravages of winter mean that some areas previously cleaned of paint are now looking a little more rusty than when first cleaned, but this is a very light surface discoloration and can be cleaned up very quickly prior to painting any area.

Having started oiling up some of the oiling points on previous visits (for the motion and brake gear) have also now checked out the main oil reservoirs for the axleboxes. One was ok, the other full of water. Have emptied it out and cleaned out gunk; just hope not too much water got down to the bearings. 

One of the two cab doors has been removed away from Swanage for full repair/restoration (nothing too major, a couple of wooden sections need replacing, and new plywood panelling put on the inside). The other door, which has less rot, was found to have no window winding mechanism, however. We now have to either locate the original, a replacement, find an alternative mechanism that fits, create a new one, or just go with a leather strap!   (Anyone know where the window mechanism is, do please let me know - see the "contact us" page here for details).