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Update - 26th October

posted 28 Oct 2013, 02:59 by Derek TP
Many thanks to Rob who came to the Goods Shed for a while on Saturday and has made an excellent start on the work to the cab roof. Getting easier access to the roof was the main reason we needed to be in shed, so it's great to see good progress in just an afternoon. Rob's made a start on cutting  out the rotted lower sections of the cab roof, ready for the replacement sections - already available and rolled to the the right curve - to be welded into place. The photos show May's new "sun roof".

Other work completed since the last Sygnets' meeting include getting the cab and main bonnet handrails, Ferricon'd at the last meeting, into primer; spot-filling some of the worst rust pock-marks on the cab side; cutting the smaller of two holes in the rearmost bonnet cover, for the fuel dip-stick; removing some of the screws from the cab instrument panel; and of course removing doors and windows in readiness for the cab roof work.