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Update - 3rd December

posted 3 Dec 2011, 09:14 by Derek Pattenson
A busy day at Norden, with 3-train running (Santa Special, Wessex Belle + DMU). At one point there were departures from Norden just 12 minutes apart! 
A simple objective today - to complete needle gunning the remaining 1/3 of the left-hand frames below the running plate, which was achieved on schedule + the whole area ferricon'd. This included pulling the rear brake hanger forward as far as it goes (which isn't far, as the rear sandpipe is in the way...) in order to work behind it. With the whole area ferricon'd, hopefully it can all be primed in a couple of weeks which will complete the whole area including the front, left-hand side and rear - i.e. everything that's currently visible to passengers. Depending on manpower in a couple of weeks we may also be able to prime the whole of the inside cab rear, which is currently in ferricon too. That will be a worthwhile milestone to end 2011 on!

Offsite a suitable replacement window winder for the left-hand cab door has been sourced (thank you eBay!), being from a 1954 Riley RMA car. Configured slightly different to May's original, but clearly from the same manufacturer and with many parts in common, it will do the job perfectly well.