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Update - 7th November

posted 7 Nov 2010, 01:38 by Derek Pattenson
"May" received some attention yesterday from former driver, Pete Foster. He very helpfully assisted with freeing up parts of the braking system that had become seized, and gave some welcome instruction around oiling points and operation. A joint in the handbrake operating linkage had seized solid, allowing the handbrake to be turned but only by virtue of the handbrake shaft itself bending as it did so. The joint is now moving and with repeated "exercise" will hopefully free up still further. This was all done with the main part of the brake linkages disconnected, so the next step is to get not only the handbrake itself turning smoothly but actually operating the air cylinder piston, rodding, hangers and shoes.
This work on the brakes is all in readiness for any possible move to Swanage or Corfe. May is currently at the end of a very long line of vehicles that will need shunting out of the way to get at her, and that won't be an easy task. Other vehicles have brakes locked down, tarpaulins dragging on the ground, general rubbish, debris and foliage encroaching on the track. So not easy, but perhaps all the more reason to get it done a.s.a.p!
May's target venue after a short spell in the goods shed, the new siding at Corfe, is now all connected up. Still awaiting ballasting, but a lot of progress has been made there the past couple of weeks by the p.way gang, so huge thanks to them for their efforts.

Also done over this weekend is fitting some temporary boarding over two of May's cab windows, to provide a little bit of protection to those working in the cab, plus drilling of holes in the new window frames, which are now ready for fitting.