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Update - 8th Feb 2014

posted 20 Feb 2014, 14:03 by Derek TP   [ updated 20 Feb 2014, 14:20 ]
Finally got around to a progress update! Since the last report in October a lot has gone on, including:
  • Welding up of both lower step replacements onto the main step assemblies
  • Fitting tread grips onto the new cab step treads
  • Painting lower cab rear into undercoat
  • Undercoating both long bonnet handrails and cab handrail
  • Spot-welding the first of the four replacement roof sections back into place, after first fitting a new stretcher bar above the doorway
  • Drilling fixing holes for the first of the replacement bonnet sections
  • Cutting large hole in new bonnet section for radiator filler
  • Removal, cleaning, ferriconing and painting into primer of more cab electrical switchboxes
  • Cleaning and ferriconning replacement bonnet sections
  • Painting into undercoat of r/h wheels
  • Undercoating various other components such as the air brake cylinder end cover
  • Priming and undercoating much of the bonnet supporting framework
  • Cleaning off most of the remaining old paint from the upper cab rear
(Not to mention the Sygnets' party in December, several leaders' meetings plus the consumption of countless doughnuts!)
We're hopeful that this year May really will be on public display during the railway's Diesel Gala weekend (8th - 11th May), probably in the "Squint" - the short headshunt partially occupied by the Bird's Nest Buffet, and directly opposite platform 2 at Swanage. Ideally May would be in all-over undercoat at that time, but realistically it's unlikely that the remaining roof work and fixing of the new bonnet covers can be completed in time - with just two more Sygnets' meetings between now and then!

However we plan to be there regardless, and we'll be around certainly all day on the Saturday and probably much of Friday too, so do come along and say hello and see for yourself how the restoration is progressing.

Leaders Rob, Michael and Liz worked on into the evening after the last meeting...