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Update - 9th July

posted 13 Jul 2011, 10:04 by Derek Pattenson
Another very useful day's work on the 9th, with a couple of Sygnets making a great contribution. Between us we completed the painting (in red oxide undercoat) the rear buffer beam, so from all angles May's looking a little tidier and really as though some work is being done on her!

The other task completed was removal of the cab steps (left hand, facing Norden platform). This is necessary so that we can access the sandbox, footplate underside, conn rod, coupling rod and crank otherwise obscured by the steps. It will also make repairing the steps themselves much easier.  We also completed the cleaning and priming of the l/h conn rod, and cleaned and ferricon'd much of the sandbox. More to do behind there next time, but the hard part is done. Most likely we will temporarily refit the l/h steps and remove the r/h steps for similar treatment, though the retaining nuts may be in worse condition on the r/h side as it's been more exposed to the elements in the past. Surprisingly, all but one of the 6 nuts/bolts holding the l/h steps undid OK - albeit with some effort!