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Update - 9th September 2013

posted 13 Sep 2013, 15:04 by Derek TP
Steam gala weekend, so much of the Sygnets' working day spent watching the trains go by... :-)   However still plenty of time to make good progress, with a number of miscellaneous items cleaned up and into primer off the loco, plus a "freshen up" of the left-hand wheels (which had had some protective primer applied in 2010; this time around the underlying gunge has been removed first!)   The rear end of the airbrake cylinder was successfully removed, with the cover cleaned up and into primer, the piston removed, cleaned, and the cylinder greased up (all in remarkably good condition) and partially re-assembled.

Reassembly will now have to wait some weeks or months for completion, however, as on Monday May was shunted out of the loco shed and into the goods shed.  This new environment is warmer (marginally) and drier than the loco shed, being fully enclosed, and with platforms each side provides more convenient access to the upper body and engine bay.  It does of course mean we can't reach anything much below the running plate, however!